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We get lots of questions about learning to drive here at AllPass, and believe it or not, we actually like it that way!

We’re always here to guide you on your learning journey, and help smooth any bumps and stress out of getting your licence.

Whether you’re doing your homework on the best driving school to go to, or looking for pro tips on how to pass your test with ease; I know you’re a savvy student who wants to stay informed.

To help you get that rubber on the road with confidence, here’s the top questions we get asked about learning to drive from our students:

Due to popular demand, AllPass Driving Academy offers Automatic Transmission lessons only. Our fleet does not include Manual transmission vehicles.

The AllPass Driving Academy fleet consists of our 5-Star Safety rated vehicles with Automatic Transmission.

Each car is fitted with dual-control pedals so your instructor can hit the brakes if needed, guaranteeing the highest level of safety possible.

No worries, that’s what we’re here for!

Your driving instructor Andrew will demonstrate the skill, walk you through how to do it, and then keep practicing it together in different environments until you feel confident to tackle it on your own.

Absolutely, if you’re properly prepared! With Andrew’s highly effective teaching methods, you’ll become proficient in all the skills you need to pass your driving test on your first try.

As with all tests in life, sitting down for the exam feeling calm and well-prepared is essential. With a cool, clear head, you’ll have the best chance of remembering all the driving skills you’ve practiced when it comes time for your assessment!

The first step to success involves building a strong foundation in your functional knowledge. With the help of our expert instructor Andrew, safe driving will become second nature. Next, you’ll get an edge by refining your skills through practice, so you have the best chance of demonstrating correct safety practices and proficiency on test day.

Here at AllPass, we’ll help you prepare for everything the examiner will throw at you! Above all else, the best way to pass your driving test is to stay calm, listen carefully to the instructions of the assessor, and demonstrate your driving skill with confidence.

Don’t panic! Driving tests can be nerve-wracking, even for the toughest among us. If you don’t pass, it’s not the end of the world – it usually just means you’ve got a few areas to improve on before you’re ready to hit the road safely on your own.

Rest assured, you can take another test shortly. We’ll book you in for another assessment and continue improving your skills together until you’re ready to give it another go.

Not seeing your particular question answered above? No worries – just reach out to us and fire away with your queries about anything we’ve left out!